2022 PAA Cretan Scholars Summer Program at ACG - Application

The Pancretan Association of America (PAA) Cretan Scholars Summer Program at the American College of Greece will take place in Greece from June 19 to July 03, 2022.


Eligible applicants must be:

• between 18 and 26 years of age

• currently enrolled in, or a graduate of, an accredited U.S. college or university (recent High School graduates may apply)

• of Cretan descent

Current PAA members will be given priority for acceptance to the 2022 PAA Cretan Scholars Summer Program and will be eligible to apply for scholarship.

Non-PAA members who fulfill the aforementioned eligibility criteria for participation may apply for the program, but they will not be eligible for PAA scholarships.


The cost of the program is US$3,650.00 per participant. The price covers all expenses in Greece, but does not cover airfare from the United States to Greece and back. ACG handles all financial transactions.

PAA Scholarships for partial-tuition reimbursement will be available to qualified PAA members upon their successful completion of the PAA/ACG Summer Program. The scholarship application will be available to PAA members (only) February 1 - March 31st, 2022 at www.pancretan.org.

Questions? Please contact PAA Scholarship Chair at [email protected]


The Greek Government and the European Union's Covid-19 safety protocols are stringently enforced by The American College of Greece. For the safety of all involved, participants in the 2022 PAA Scholars Program at ACG must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to joining the Program, and must possess and submit the relevant official documentation.

Note that, at present, the European Union has not defined ‘fully vaccinated’ to include a booster shot. However, this situation is likely to change, requiring you to receive a booster shot of the vaccine in order to be compliant with the Program’s vaccination requirement.

To apply, please fill out the following application form and the supporting documents by the following deadline:

  • Early-Bird Application Deadline: February 28, 2022 (Note: Early-bird admittees will receive notice of early admission in early March; later applicants will be notified in late April to fill remaining slots, if any)
  • Final Application deadline: April 30, 2022


  • Upon notification of admission, admittees must proceed with a registration deposit of US$500. Admission is considered confirmed only upon receipt of this deposit.
  • Admittees must deposit 25% of the total tuition and fees of the program by April 15, 2022 (those admitted between April 15 and April 30, 2022 must deposit US$500 + 25% of the cost of the program simultaneously for their admission to be confirmed).
  • The remaining tuition and fees for participation in the Program must be paid by May 15, 2022
  • Cancellation with full refund by April 30, 2022

Note: ACG handles all financial transactions, including registration, tuition payments, and reimbursements.

We look forward to receiving your application.

For any questions, please contact: Scholarship Chair Sophia Masters: scholarship@pancretan.org
or The American College of Greece at [email protected]